Friday, May 19, 2017


1860, Louisiana, aboard the Creole Queen - where Skye Fargo only has days to avert massive slaughter in the region that's "half horse, half alligator."

Skye Fargo is working his way up and down the Mississippi River looking to stop a band of deadly river rats from destroying a valuable riverboat line.  But it won't be easy - because the truth behind the attacks leads to a conspiracy with more twists and turns than the mighty Mississippi itself...

There's plenty of murder and mystery on the mighty Mississippi as Skye Fargo starts to dig through an extortion plot that puts a dazzling riverboat on the brink of sinking to a watery death.

I was a bit hesitant to start reading this book, as the blurb didn't truly attract me, but after I began to wade through the chapters, I simply couldn't stop.  Whenever I did have to take a break, I found myself thinking about the book and desperately wanting to get back to it.  Yes, it's that good.

Action is as thick as thieves in this title as Skye is really put through the ringer.  If he's not hanging off a paddlewheel in a desperate attempt to save a young woman, he's marching through the swamps taking on alligators, ruffians, and a suffocating plot of quicksand.

The T&A, as expected, is displayed here.  Our two resident female leads, Stella and Libbie, give Skye the time of his life.  The sex is a bit risqué as Stella prefers to watch and easily talks Skye into doing a few things the French are most fond of.  The steamy action won't disappoint fans of adult oaters.

One thing I liked about this book is that early in the happenings, Skye is stymied when he realizes he doesn't know what the word "stigmatize" means.  I thought this added a much needed human element to the character as he survives quite a great deal in this tale with only a scratch to show for his efforts.  We all know our main character is going to save the day, and will live to see another adventure (well, until the series cancellation), so it was nice to see him have a bit of chink in his armor.

Unfortunately, I was able to guess the guilty parties before the end of the book.  I had my fingers crossed that I was wrong, and when Skye finally came upon those eager to sink the ship, I was a bit disappointed.  Did it hamper my reading enjoyment?  Absolutely not!  And I suppose I'm lying a little.  It was pretty cool to have guessed the mystery killers, but great detective I am not!

To end things, this book is highly recommended.  It has everything that a fan of Skye Fargo or adult oaters or both would want to read and you'll come away enjoying yourself.  Do yourself a favor and check into this book.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. Great review! You convinced me to read this one. Heading to Amazon...

  2. Fantastic!

    And I want you to know that I consider it an honor that not only are you reading my reviews, but taking my recommendations! You're a great writer, sir. Thanks so much.